Notice(Sep 29, 2021)

The university updated the COVID-19 related information and plans.

  1. The Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in response to COVID-19 infection has been revised.
    • BCP in Japanese:
    • The BCP in English will be posted soon on the following website.
  2. For the time being, the BCP level for the entire campus will be lowered to 2.
  3. Remote classes are recommended. At the discretion of the faculty, face-to-face classes and research for degree completion may be conducted with sufficient infection prevention measures in place.
  4. Students are allowed to enter the campus when they are attending authorized classes, conducting research for a degree, study in the library, or performing duties such as TA/RA.
  5. Holding or participating in extracurricular activities and events is limited to those that have been approved in advance. Please keep activities to a short period of time and take sufficient measures to prevent infection.
  6. All the areas designated for the prevention of the spread of the disease and the areas subject to the declaration of an emergency situation will be lifted on September 30.
  7. Be sure to check emails from the university and the university website updates because university policies will change based on the spread of the infection.