Life Expense and Tuition in Tokushima

Life Expense in Tokushima

Following table illustrates the approximate amount of life expense in Tokushima (for one person per month).

Amount of Expense
Food 35,000 45,000
Housing Rent (Single Room at a Private Apartment) 25,000 35,000
Books 7,000 10,000
Medicine 3,000 5,000
Clothes 3,000 5,000
Social Expense 8,000 10,000
Others 4,000 5,000
Total 85,000 115,000

(Currency Unit: JPN)

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(Basic information about how to rent an apartment outside of the campus is also available on the same page.)


Tuition and Other Required Fee for Entry

To enter TU as a matriculated student to a undergraduate or graduate school, you need to pay:

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About Tuition Waiver System

We have Tuition Waiver System (Full/Half Waiver) for the students who have financial difficulties.
To be a candidate of our tuition waiver system, you need to be qualified as a very excellent student.For application, you need to submit:

You can also check the general information on the TU Tuition Waiver System here.

Other than tuition waiver, we also have the systems to extend your tuition payment deadline (Extension on Tuition Payment) and to allow you to split the tuition by months (Monthly Tuition Payment).
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Application Periods

Application Counters

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