Information Related to Admission

This section presents general admission information for the foreign students who wish to study in Tokushima University.
Basic admission information for researchers is also available here.

  1. How to Apply
    • How to Apply as a New Student
    • How to Apply as a Foreign Researcher
      (Please click here about Visa procedure)
    • 2019 Entrance Guide
  2. About Tokushima University

  3. Scholarships (Only for International Students)
  1. Other Financial Supports (Only for International Students)
    • One-time Allowance for New International Students
    • Temporary Loan (TU Students’ Loan)
  2. International Houses and Out-campus Private Apartment
    • International House in Kitajima Town
    • International House in Shinkura Campus (Nichia Hall)
    • Out-campus Private Apartment
  3. Tuition and Life Expense in Tokushima (including general information about Tuition Waiver)
  4. About Tokushima

* Click here about the Japanese language program.
* Click here to see how to process immigration visa to Japan.

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