Other Financial Aides

One-time Allowance for New International Students

This financial aid is to support the self-supported foreign students who have just started their new life in Tokushima.

Amount of Stipend: 20,000 yen/student
(No repayment required)

Students who meet one or more of the following conditions cannot receive this financial aide:

  1. Those whose duration of enrollment is less than 6 months
  2. Those who receive a scholarship from Japanese Government or their home government
  3. Those who receive (or are appointed to receive) a scholarship worth more than 70,000 yen/month
  4. Those who will receive a more than 70,000 yen stable income
  5. Those who transfer from another educational institute (ex. university, specialized vocational high school or Japanese language school) in Japan
  6. Those who stayed in Tokushima before
  7. Those whose relatives or family are living in Tokushima

Application Counter: To be announced later

Application Period: To be announced later

Temporary Loan for International Students

This financial aid is to support the international students who need temporary financial support.

Amount of Credit: 10,000 yen – 100,000 yen

About Repayment:

  1. Repayment should be completed within 6 months after the first day of the loan. Divided payment is also accepted.
  2. In case the student returns to their home country and does not return to Tokushima, the student has to complete the repayment by 10 days before leaving Japan

Application Counter:

Application Period: Anytime

Student loan is also available outside of this temporary loan. For further information about this student loan, please contact the office for Gakusei Kouen-kai in the Section of Student Support or the administrative office of your faculty.