About Traffics in Tokushima

We have a railway system (JR Shikoku) and local/express bus systems in Tokushima.

Railway: JR Shikoku: Koutoku Line, Mugi Line, Tokushima Line
Local Bus: Inbound Local Bus Service: Tokushima Bus, Tokushima City Bus, Naruto City Bus, Komatsushima City Bus
Outbound Express Bus Service: Tokushima Bus, Shikoku Traffic, JR Shikoku Bus

About JR Shikoku

At JR Tokushima Station, you can get on a train on Koutoku Line, Mugi Line and Tokushima Line Koutoku Line (From JR Tokushima St. to the North: Takamatsu Station)

As for fares and time table, please check on the Official HP of JR Shikoku (Japanese only).

About Local/Express Bus Systems

Driver’s License and Insurance

Click here to see how to react to traffic accident

How to Acquire Driver’s License

In order to drive in Japan, you must have either a Japanese driving licence, or an International Driving Licence as defined by the Geneva Convention. To get a Japanese driving licence, you can either get a foreign licence transferred to a Japanese licence, or you can take the test to get a new Japanese licence.

(1) International Driving Licence

An International Driving Licence, as defined by the Geneva Convention, can be used only for one year from the date of its issue or for one year from the date of original entry into Japan – whichever period is shorter.

(2) Transferring a Foreign Driving Licence to a Japanese Driving Licence

If you hold a driving licence issued in a foreign country, you can get a Japanese driving licence by presenting your licence and other documents, taking an aptitude test, and proving that you have the appropriate knowledge and skills to drive in Japan.

(3) Getting a Japanese Driving Licence as a First-Time Licence

(4) Contact Details of Relevant Organizations

Automobile Insurance

When you own an automobile, you need to

(1) Driver’s Insurance

In Japan, we have two different types of insurance (i.e., mandatory and optional insurance) and every driver is required to enroll at least the mandatory driver’s insurance. Although the mandatory insurance can cover some portion of damage, it is strongly advised to have another insurance (i.e, optional insurance) for your security.

(2) Registering the Sale of a Vehicle

(3) Taking Periodical Vehicle Checkups

Any owner of automobile (more than 250cc) has to take this Periodical Vehicle Checkups for the safety of their vehicles.
For newly purchased vehicle, you should take the checkup after three years and take another checkups every two years. For used vehicles, you should take the checkups every two years.

Using Bicycles in Tokushima

Bicycle Theft Prevention Registration

To use a bicycle, Bicycle Crime-Prevention Registration is required by law. The objective of this system is to alleviate such problems in everyday life such as frequent bicycle theft and the obstruction of stolen bicycles that are left near the station. When you purchase a bicycle, registration is completed at the retail shop for a fee of ¥500

Registration Procedure
・ Fill out an application form at a bicycle shop
・ Pay 500 yen (Registration Fee)
・ Put the sticker on your bicycle

Bicycle Parking Lots (around JR Tokushima Station)

Bicycle Parking is allowed only in the Designated Areas around JR Tokushima Station. When you park your bicycle around JR Tokushima Station, please check the bicycle parking lots on the following map and park your bicycle in the designated areas.

Please remember NOT to leave/park your bicycle in other areas.

If you park your bicycle in the area where bicycle parking is not prohibited:

  1. Your bicycle is towed to Tokushima City Bicycle Storage Lot
    Tokushima City Bicycle Storage Lot:
    3-66-1 Minami Shouwa-cho, Tokushima-shi. TEL: 088-626-0995
  2. You need to pay 1,500 yen to reclaim your bicycle.

Bicycle Parking Areas around the Station

JR Station Bicycle Parking Lot  TEL: 088-652-6661

This parking lot is open from 5:30 am to 22:30 pm. Since the entrance gate to the parking lot is closed from 22:30 pm to 5:30 am, you cannot get your bicycle back during the time.Following is the list of parking fees at the parking lot:

CategoriesParking TimeFee/BicycleFor Temporary ParkingLess than 1 HourFree1-24 Hours100 yenOver 24 Hours100 yen/24 hoursFor Periodical ParkingStudents1 Month940 yen3 Months2,820 yen6 Months5,640 yenOther than Students1 Month1,880 yen3 Months5,640 yen6 Months11,280 yen

Other Private Bicycle Parking Lots

AMICO Bicycle Parking Lot: 088-621-4423
Eguchi Bicycle Parking Lot: 088-653-6441
JR Building Bicycle Parking Lot: 088-656-3100

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