National Health Insurance

InternationalĀ students with the visa status of “Student”are required to enroll in the National Health Insurance program.

Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan

This insurance designed to cover unexpected emergencies, such as fire, and to help an international student avoid unnecessarily inconveniencing his/her joint gurantor.

Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research

This insurance is to cover the medical expenses of the students for their physical damages caused by an accident/disaster while they are in an educational/research activity or while they are commuting to and from the school.

Application Counters for the Insurance

Insurance for Internship and Practice-teaching Activities

This insurance is to cover the damages that the TU students caused under an internship/practice-teaching activity that is officially admitted by the University.

Application Counter for the Insurance

Example of the Damaged to be Covered by the Insurance

General Fraternal Insurance for Students, General Liability Insurance for Students

To apply for these insurance, please contact University Co-op Office.
* TU Co-op Office: 080-652-1073

General Fraternal Insurance for Students (Gakusei Sougou Kyousai)
This insurance covers the injuries and sickness of the students and the damages the students caused to their apartment.

General Liability Insurance for Students
This liability insurance covers the damages that the student caused to others.

Motor Insurance

Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance (Jibaiseki Hoken)
All automobile owners in Japan must have this compulsory insurance.

Voluntary Automobile Liability Insurance (Nin-i Hoken)
Having this voluntary insurance is not required to own a automobile in Japan; however, since compensation for traffic accidents is huge in this country, most automobile owners in Japan have this voluntary insurance. All foreign students are strongly advised to enroll in a voluntary insurance when they own a automobile.