How to Apply for Japanese Visa

Outline of Visa Application

When you come to and stay in Japan as a foreign student or a foreign researcher, you have to get an appropriate visa before you enter Japan.

* In case you need to apply for afamily visa for your family members, please contact Division of International Affairs.

Following is the outline of the application procedure for Japanese visa:

Types of Visa Study (College Student) Cultural Exchange
Procedure (1) Get a Letter of Invitation from TU

(2) Prepare funds for your life in Japan

(3) Get a passport

(4) Apply for the Certificate of Eligibility through Tokushima University
(International Affairs Division of  on Tokushima University supports this process)

(5) Apply for a visa at the Japanese consulate or embassy in your country

(6) Receive Visa and Prepare for your Departure to Japan

* Non-matriculated students include Exchange Students and Research Students.

Certificate of Eligibility (for International Students)

About Certificate of Eligibility

This certificate is to process the application paperwork for Japanese visa more smoothly. Getting this certificate is strongly advised to lessen your burden on the visa application.

Actual visa application to Immigration Bureau will be supported by International Affairs Division.

(1) Preparation of Documents

Documents and Copies Others
Application form for the Certificate of Eligibility 1 Original Copy
Face Photo (4cm*3cm) 1 Original Copies ・Should be taken within 6 months
・No caps/hats, white background
・Should be endorsed by applicant and pasted on the form
Return -mail Envelope 1 Original Copy ・Paste a Stamp (\380 value)
Financial Certificates In case applicant takes full responsibility for his/her expense With Scholarship Certificate of Scholarship
(1 Original Copy)
w/o Scholarship Bank Statement
(1 Original Copy)
・Account holder’s name should be same as applicant’s
In case applicant’s parent/relatives outside of Japan take full responsibility for the applicant’s expense Statement of Financial Responsibility
(1 Original Copy)
・Should be endorsed by parent/relatives living outside of Japan
Employment Certificate
(1 Original Copy)
Financial Supporter’s Income Certificate
(1 Original Copy)
Bank Statement or Certificate of Cash Transfer
(1 Original Copy)
In case applicant’s parent/relatives living in Japan take full responsibility for the applicant’s expense Statement of Financial Responsibility
(1 Original Copy)
・Should be endorsed by parent/relatives living in Japan
Certificate of Tax Payment ・To certify the financial state of parent/relatives, one of the original documents listed in the left should be attached.
Certificate of Taxation
Certificate of Income and Withholding Tax
Copy of Income-tax Return
Bank Statement

For Exchange Students and Research Students:

  1. Other than above, exchange students and research students need to submit the list of coursework.
  2. Exchange students and research students are required to take at least 7 courses per week.
  3. Please consult your advisor when you make the list of coursework.

(2) Check the Documents and Mail them to the International Affairs Division office

Mailing Address:
Section of International Exchange, the Division of International Affairs, Tokushima University
1-1 Minami-jousanjima, Tokushima-shi, Tokushima, JAPAN, 770-8501

(3) Receive Certificate of Eligibility from International Affairs Division

(4) Apply for Japanese Visa at the Japanese Consulate or Embassy in your country.

Issuance of Japanese Visa and Entry to Japan

After you receive Certificate of Eligibility, you apply for a Japanese visa at the Japanese consulate or embassy in your country.
Please note that you need to have a passport when you apply for a Japanese visa.

* Please apply for One-time Entry Visa, not for Multiple Entry Visa.

When you enter Japan, you need to show:

・ Valid Passport
・ Certificate of Eligibility

Please be sure to remember to bring these items with you.