Graduate Admission – Step 6 : Submit Application

For submission procedures, please follow the application guidelines issued by the graduate school you selected.

Electronic Submission

Some graduate schools offer electronic submission by e-mail for applicants who are residing outside Japan. Please check the application guidelines if the electronic submission option is available. For electronic submission, payment for the examination fee should be made by credit card or China UnionPay Card. The ID and Password necessary for your electronic payment will be informed after you submit your application form by e-mail. After obtaining your ID and Password, please access to the payment site from the Step 7 page.

Submission by mail

This method is for applicants residing in Japan. The applicants who chose this method are required to pay the examination fee at a Japan Post Bank or a Post Office in Japan by using the payment slip designated by the graduate school and to submit the certificate of payment of the examination fee (Kenteiryo Haraikomi Shomeisho ) along with the other application materials by mail.
Please refer to admission information of graduate schools introduced in Step 5 for details.

Inquiries about Submission

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