Undergraduate Admission – Step 4: Take Entrance Examination

  1. The entrance examinations will be conducted at the premises of the faculty to which applicants applied for admission. Applicants must enter Japan by the examination date.
  2. Exam schedules and locations are different for each faculty. Applicants should carefully read the Selection Criteria section in the application instructions for the exam schedule and location.
  3. Examinees are not permitted to leave the exam room until the exam time is over. In case of illness or emergency, please raise your hand and follow the instructions given by the exam supervisor.
  4. Examinees must bring their EJU examination voucher on the examination date.
  5. All explanations and instructions will be provided in Japanese on the examination date.

Examination Schedules

You can also find your examination schedule on this page.
Any changes on the exam schedule will be posted on this page.


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