Honor’s Scholarship 2021


We are accepting applications for the Honor’s Scholarship 2021.

  1. Applicants
    Full-time Graduate Students, Full-time Undergraduate Students, at Josanjima
    (except for the Faculty of Bioscience and Bioindustry and the Division of Bioresource Science in the Graduate Schools of Sciences and Technology for Innovation)
    ※Except for research students.
  2. Document to submit
    You can receive the application forms at International Affairs Division.
    ・Application form 1
    ・Application form 2
    ・Official Transcript
    ・A copy of language ability exam score
  3. Amount of scholarship
    48000 yen per month
  4. Number to be accepted
    up to 5

Application Deadline: April 23 17:00pm 

Refer to application guidelines on applicant’s qualification
Application Guideline
Application form 1
Application form 2