On the Registration for Japanese/English Courses for international students


Registration for Japanese/English Courses (for the First Semester, 2018) has begun. These courses are open for international students. If you would like to apply for the courses, please take a look at the following information:

1. Details of the Courses
General Guide for Learning Japanese and English for International Students are available. Please download the file and read for more detail information.
General Guide

2. Application Forms
Please download the application forms through following links:
・Intensive Japanese Course: Application form
・“ZENGAKU” University-wide Japanese Language Course: Application form
・“ZENGAKU” University-wide English Course: Application form

3. Application Deadlines
・Intensive Japanese Course: March 30, 2018
・“ZENGAKU” University-wide Japanese Language Course: April 27, 2018
・“ZENGAKU” University-wide English Course: April 27, 2018

4. Contact
If you have any questions, please contact the course coordinator of the International Center:

(About Intensive Japanese Course and “ZENGAKU” Japanese Course)
Satoshi Hashimoto

(About “ZENGAKU” English Course)
Hiroshi Sakata

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