Recruitment for “Zengaku (University Wide)”, Japanese Language Cource in 2nd Semester


We began to recruit for Zengaku Japanese Language Cource in 2nd Semester.
How about taking this opportunity to build up your Japanese skill more?

*The deadline to apply; October 9, Friday, 16:00PM, 2015 at International office at Josanjima or Kuramoto


-Teacher will check your level of Japanese ability in each first class as the placement test, so please DO NOT be absent.
-If you don’t take that placement test, you cannot join the class.
-Students can participate in a course even if  departments they belong to a different campus or either in Josanjima or Kuramoto.
-As a general rule, students CANNOT participate in more than one course.
-Same level of the classes might not be held if the number of applicants don’t reach to the specific size.



Class Day Time Term
A1 Mon/Fri 16:20~17:50 October 19~January 29
A2 Mon/Thu 10:25~11:55 October 19~January 28
B1 Tue/Thu 14:35~16:05 October 20~January 28
B2 Mon/Thu 12:50~14:20 October 19~January 28
C2 Mon/Fri 14:35~16:05 October 19~January 29


Class Day Time Term
A1 Wed/Fri 14:35~16:05 October 21~January 29
A2 Wed/Fri 12:50~14:20 October 21~January 28
B2 Mon/Fri  8:40~10:10 October 19~January 29
C2 Wed/Fri 10:25~11:55 October 21~January 29
D Friday 16:20~17:50 October 23~January 29


A1,A2,B1    B2,C1,C2,D

(FYI; Class Level, textbook and so on ; here Only in Japanese)