Tips and Notes on How to Rent an Apartment

How to Find an Apartment in Tokushima

Basic Knowledge to Rent an Apartment

You can find various reasonable information on apartments on the Co-op’s Housing Information. You may sometimes find cases where you do not have to pay security deposit and key money. We advise you to consult the Co-op’s housing service at first.

About TU Guarantee System for International Students

Tokushima University (TU) started a guarantee system for International students that TU (Director of International Center) act as a guarantor when you rent an apartment. In order to use this system, an international student himself / herself has to be registered at TU and also has to make a contract for “Renters’ Insurance for foreign students living in Japan.”


  1. Decide an apartment and make a contract with TU Co-op or a real estate agent.
  2. Receive application forms for guarantee system (form 1), letter of pledge (form 2) and your own premium payment form, then pay at Japan Post Bank ATM. You must keep the payment receipt(3)!
  3. Submit 4 items as those form 1&2(with your supervisor’s signature and his/her seal), that payment receipt(3) and the lease contract for your apartment to TU.
  4. After TU screening the documents, an international student receives the contract whose guarantor is Director of the International Center.
  5. Afterwards, TU refund you a part of the premium of “Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan.”



About Housing Insurance

When you rent an apartment, please be sure to enroll in a housing insurance.
If you ask a real-estate agency to find an apartment for you, the agency will introduce you a housing insurance. You may enroll in the housing insurances they introduced you. Or you can also enroll the Comprehensive Renters’Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan if your guarantor is your supervisor, Director of International Center or who is involved in TU.

About Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan

This insurance covers the compensation for the physical damages caused by an International student to the apartment room s/he rents or for the liability claim by the landlord to the gurrantor of the student, for example for the arrears of rent by the student.

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