Other Security Information (Alcohols, Scam Cases, etc.)

Notification of Important Information to Students

Important information is notified to students on message board.Please be sure to check the message board every day.

* Scholarships information is also posted on the homepage of the International Center.
* Delayed application to a scholarship is NOT accepted in any condition.

Drinking Alcohol and Smoking

In Japan, drinking alcohol and smoking are permitted only for people older than 20 years old.
If you are under 20 years old and are found drinking alcohol or smoking, you are punished by law.Currently, serious incidents due to drinking are increasing among students.
Some deaths have occured in Japan due to dangerous drinking games.
Please do not play such drinking games or force others to join drinking games!

Smoking outside of smoking areas is prohibited.
(Smoking while walking and littering cigarette butt on street are prohibited, either!)

NOTE: Smoking on Kuramoto Campus is not permitted.

Be Careful for Malicious Business and Bank Transfer Scams

Malicious Business

Malicious business targeted at students are increasing.
Following are the examples of current malicious businesses targeted at college students.

Cult Groups

Cult groups tactically approach you to their activities and draw you into their group.* They often claim themselves as a “circle.”
* Once you enter a cult group, it becomes very hard to leave the group.
* Once you are brainwashed by the cult group, you become unable to make a right decision for everything.

How Cult Groups Approach You

How to Respond

Anonymous Calls and Threatening Calls

How to respond Anonymous Calls and Threatening Calls

Anonymous calls and threatening calls to female students are increasing.Typical examples calls are:

In case you received such calls from an unknown person, please take following responses:

How to Respond

* There are some cases where a person contacts a student (or the parent of the student) pretending to be a staff of the University and asks the student’s personal information. If you receive such a call, please hung up the call immediately and consult the following consulting sections.
* A University staff will sometimes directly contact you. When you received a call from a person claiming to be a University staff, please ask the name and the section title of the person and tell him/her that you will call back to the person later. Telephone directory of the University is available online (for example, click here to access Yahoo Japan Telephone Directory)

Safe Use of the Internet

Please remind following issues for the safe use of the Internet:Online Shopping

Online shopping services are very convenient; however, many cases, such as where the vendor sent a broken product or the product you ordered did not reach you, seem to be actually happening.Please carefully choose the reliable online shopping service.

Online Auction

Similar cases as above are also happening in online auction services, but please also note the following Runner-Up Scam on online auctions. Typical example of the scam is as follows:

When you use online auction services, please check the credibility of the vendor as well as the service provider.

Online Games and Adult Sites

Growing number of troubles are happening on online game sites. The most frequent trouble is you cannot suddenly play on the game site because your account is rejected for unknown reasons. You can be charged huge bills if somebody steals and misuses your account and password. Please carefully manage your passwords and IDs.

Also many cases are happening where students are charged huge bills for their access to adult websites. Some malicious software’s, such as malwares, can be automatically downloaded from the websites without your notice. Please do not access such websites.

* Do not access any adult sites or dating service websites!

Installing Security Softwares

For your security, please be sure to install a security software in your computer. Once your computer is infected with a virus (mostly though emails), not only your computers but also your friends’ computers and the network your computer is connecting can be damaged. Before you access the internet, you are strongly advised to install a security software.

Also many hazardous cases are happening due to the use of file-exchange softwares, such as Winnie. Installing such file-exchange softwares is not allowed on TU campuses.

Social Networking Services

Growing number of students are using Social Networking Services (SNSs), but please be careful when you use the service, since somebody can steal your personal information from the site and misuse the information for some illegal purposesWhen you write personal comments on a blog, please be careful for your wording; your irresponsible comments can cause various troubles to you.

Loans and Credit Cards

In Japan, you can easily make a credit card just by showing your student card. A credit card is convenient for shopping, but if you shop too much using your credit card, you will quickly go into a huge debt. Please be careful when you use your credit card.

In case you need urgent money, for example due to sudden medical surgery or traffic accident, you can apply for TU Student Loan Service and borrow some money from the University. About the service, please contact the Section of Academic Affairs of your department/faculty.

Protection from Earthquake Disaster

  1. Bolting Big Pieces of Furniture to the Wall
  2. Check the nearest evacuation areas to your house/apartment.
    * On-campus evacuation area:
    ・ Jousanjima Campus: TU gym
    ・ Kuramoto Campus: Athletic field
  3. Others
    A. Emergency Foods (Hardtack, Drinking Water (about 10 litters), Canned Foods, etc)
    B. Money and other important items (Cash, National Health Insurance Certificate, ID cards, Inkan, etc)
    C. Others (Paper Diapers, Flashlight, Portable Radio, Basic Medications, etc)* Following items are also useful for your survival after an earthquake:
    ・ Toilet Paper, Wet Napkin, Disposable Paperware
    ・ Plastic Bag, Plastic Wrap, Big Plastic Bag