Immgration Procedures

Residence Permit

This section provides general information concerning application for residence permit, extension/change of status of residence.

About Residence Permit

A status of residence is the official permit for a foreign individual to stay in Japan for the period stated on the permit.
Every foreign individual has to obtain an appropriate permit by the official immigration authority.
Range of activities in Japan is limited depending on the status of residence, and no one can stay in the country longer than the period stated on his/her permit.

1. Your residence card

If you are arriving at Narita, Haneda, Kansai or other applicable airport,  your residence card will be issued at the airport upon immigration examination. If you are arriving at an airport other than those above, a residence card will be mailed to your address registered at the local municipal office.

2. About re-entry

International students who will be re-entering Japan within 1 year of their departure (or by the expiration date of their visa if the permitted period of stay is less than one year) to continue their studies will not be required to obtain a re-entry permit.

4. Notice of Change

(a) Notify the municipal office within 14 days when moved to a new address.
(b) Notify the immigration office within 14 days for changes other than a change of address.


  1. International students must notify the following changes to the immigration office within 14 days of making the change.
    – Change of name, nationality, date of birth or sex
    – Change of the affiliation of the institution
  2. International students must notify the following to the municipal office of their residence within 14 days.
    – Newly arrived residence* International students may be subject to revocation of their status of residence if they fail to give the notification of place of residence within 90 days after arrival in Japan.

How to Change Your Status of Residence and Extend the Period of Stay

When you change your status of residence or extend the period of stay, please follow the procedure described in the Guidance Booklet.

When you graduate or change institutions

In the following cases, students must notify the incident to the Immigration Bureau within 14 days of the incident.
Failure to make notification will be subject to penalty.

Notification is not required for students who are leaving Japan soon after their completion of the course or graduation/expulsion from the university if they return their residence card at immigration at the airport.

Re-entry Permit

If international students plan to leave Japan for more than one year during their permitted period of stay, they must obtain a re-entry permit.

Re-entry permit will not be required if the intended period of staying outside Japan is less than one year as long as the student has his/her passport and residence card upon entry and departure.

Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted Under the Status of Residence Previously Granted

Although the student status of residence does not allow internatinal students to work, it permits part-time work in the following conditions:



  1. Application Form (available at the office of International Affairs Division)
  2. Passport
  3. The original of your Resident Card (*Please always carry the copy of your resident card until the original is returned to you.)

Jousanjima Campus
: Student Support Section, Division of International Affairs
Kuramoto Campus: Section of Academic Affairs of each faculty

Temporary Leave of Absence from the University

If an international student is taking a leave of absence from the university for more than three months, he/she will have to return to his/her home country unless there is a justifiable reason to stay in Japan (e.g. illness).

* ”A financial reason” can not be regarded as a justifiable reason.

Your “student status of residence” may be cancelled if an international student does not perform his/her activities as a student (i.e. study) for a continuous period of more than three months without any justifiable reason.