Cultural Exchange Activities

International Salon

The Salon was closed on March, 31, 2014. We sincerely thank for the members of JSS, local people and TU students who supported the International Salon.


International Salon: Schedule in 2013

Dates and Time Contents
05/25 10:30-12:00 Let’s Try Japanese Tea Ceremony
06/15 10:30-12:00 Let’s Try Japanese Caligraphy
07/06 10:30-12:00 Let’s Try Japanese Yukata and Practice Awa Dance
10/26 10:30-12:00 Japanese Traditional Kid’s Game: Kendama & Otedama
11/23 10:30-12:00 Let’s Learn aboutt Student’s Home Country
12/07 10:30-12:00 Let’s Learn the History of Kimono and Try it on
01/18 10:30-12:00 Let’s Enjoy Foreign Cuisines
02/08 10:30-12:00 Let’s Enjoy Japanese Flower Arrangement
03/01 10:30-12:00 Let’s Experience Doll Festival
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