When You Feel Sick...

 * In case you are involved in an accident or feel sick suddenly, please remember to contact your advisor as well as other related university staffs.

  1. Health Service Center

    • When you feel sick, first accesstyhe Health Service Center (or 保健室)) and consult a doctor.
      You can get basic medications, such as cold medication, for free.

      In case you need to go to a hospital, the doctor can write a letter of recommendation to the hospital.

      • Health Service Center on Jousanjima Campus  【MAP】  Homepage
      • Healthcare Room on Kurmoto Campus  【MAP

  2. Going to a Hospital

    • If your illness does not improve, going to a hospital is a good idea.

      In Japan, the National Health Insurance System covers 70% of your medical expenditures for common medical treatments; therefore you only have to cover the rest of 30% for your treatments. (The Insurance is available for dental treatments.)

      Please be sure to purchase the insurance!!


      • English is available at some hospitals in Tokushima. The list of the hospitals are on Welcome to Tokushima, a booklet which collects various daily-life information in Tokushima.
        (We give a free copy of the booklet to the foreign students of UT. If you need a copy, please contact Division of International Affairs on Jousanjima Campus or the Support Office for International Students on Kuramoto Campus.)
      • When you go to a hospital, please wait for your appointment quietly in the lobby.

  3. In Case of Emergency...

    • Dial 119, and call an ambulance.

       * In Japan, no fee is charged for an ambulance.
       * Please click here if you need how to call an ambulance.

  • About National Health Insurance ...

    • In Japan, all residents, including foreigners, are required to purchase the insurance. Foreign students with College Student Visa have to purchase this national insurance.

      After you completed all paperwork and successfully purchased the insurance, an insurance certificate is issued for you.
      You may automatically receive 70% waiver of your medical expenses just by turning out the certificate at the reception counter.

       * Please note that physical damages due to a traffic accidents are not covered by the Insurance.

      • the National Health Insurance does not cover all treatments and there are instances when the insured must pay all the fees. Examples are when the insured is hospitalized in a private room in a hospital and must pay an extra charge for the bed, when the insured has received costly and special treatment that is not covered under National Health Insurance or when the person has received special dental treatment such as gold caps. Childbirth and abortions are also not covered by the National Health Insurance.
      • You are fundamentally required to join the National Health Insurance System upon your arrival in Japan. If there is a delay in your application, you may be requested to make payments for past insurance fees due.

      How to Apply for the National Health Insurance

      • Registered aliens should make their application at the National Health Insurance section of the municipal office in their area of residency. You will need to show your alien registration card at that time. Those with the residency status of College Student or Pre-college Student and a period of stay of 1 year can join immediately. However, depending on the municipal office, those with a 6-month Pre-college status of residence may need to show a proof of enrollment that shows a scheduled period of enrollment lasting more than one year.
      • If you have dependents that reside with you, your family will also be covered under this system. Please make sure that the names of your family members are written on your National Health Insurance certificate.

      The fee for the National Health Insurance differs according to your area of residency. The reduction is based on the previous year's income, so please make sure to make a residents tax declaration even if you do not have any income to declare.

      If you move to a new location, you must have a new insurance certificate issued at the municipal office of your new residency. Please submit your old National Health Insurance certificate at the municipal office of your new residency to receive a new National Health Insurance certificate. You can not receive National Health Insurance if you do not follow these procedures.

      Reimbursement of High-cost Medical Fees

      When you need to receive high-cost medical care, such as cancer treatments, you are advised to apply for Reimbursement of High-cost Medical Fees usually before/when the patient starts to take the treatments or stay at the hospital. Although miscellaneous expenses, such as meal fees and clothing expenses, should be covered by the patient, by applying for the system, you will not be charged more than a fixed amount of fees.

       * The reimbursement system is available only for those who purchase the National Health Insurance.

      For detail information, please click here and check the homepage of Social Insurance Agency.
      You may also contact insurance division of the nearest public office.