Transportation in Tokushima

We have a railway system (JR Shikoku) and local/express bus systems in Tokushima.

Railway: JR Shikoku: Koutoku Line, Mugi Line, Tokushima Line
Local Bus: Inbound Local Bus Service: Tokushima Bus, Tokushima City Bus, Naruto City Bus, Komatsushima City Bus
Outbound Express Bus Service: Tokushima Bus, Shikoku Transportation (Shikoku-Kotsu), JR Shikoku Bus

About JR Shikoku

At JR Tokushima Station, you can get on a train on Koutoku Line, Mugi Line and Tokushima Line Koutoku Line (From JR Tokushima St. to the North: Takamatsu Station)

About Local/Express Bus Systems

Automobile and Motorcycle

Click here to see how to react to traffic accident.

In order to drive in Japan, you must have either a Japanese driving licence, or an International Driving Licence as defined by the Geneva Convention.

Please see the guidance booklet for details.

Riding a Bicycle in Tokushima

Bicycle Theft Prevention Registration

To ride a bicycle, Bicycle Crime-Prevention Registration is required by the law. The objective of this system is to alleviate such problems in everyday life such as frequent bicycle theft and the obstruction of stolen bicycles that are left near the station. When you purchase a bicycle, registration can be completed at the retail shop.

Registration Procedure
・ Fill out an application form at a bicycle shop.
・ Pay the registration fee (600 yen).
・ Put the sticker on your bicycle.

Bicycle Parking (around the JR Tokushima Station)

Bicycle Parking is allowed only in the designated areas around the JR Tokushima Station. You need to pay the starage and handling fee in order to reclaim your bicycle.