Emergency Responses

* In case you are involved in an accident or feel sick suddenly, please remember to contact your advisor as well as other related university staffs.

How to Make An Emergency Call

  1. From a Green Public Phone: Press Red Emergency Button and Dial 110/119
  2. From a Gray Public Phone or IC Phone: Dial 110/119 Directly
  3. From a Cell Phone: Dial 110/119 (Please note that your cellphone occasionally cannot reach emergency services.)

Fire (Dial 119)

  1. Dial 119
  2. Say “Fire (Kaji desu)” and then tell the address/location and your name to the operator
  3. Keep yourself secured and try to extinguish the fire (if possible)

Injury/Sickness (Dial 119)

  1. Dial 119
  2. Say “Ambulance (Kyuu kyuu desu)” and then tell the address/location and your name to the operator
    * Please prepare your National Health Insurance Certificate before the ambulance comes.
    * In Japan, no fee is charged to call an ambulance.

Emergency Hospitals for Weekends, Holidays and Nighttime

Tokushima City

Tokushima City Night Holiday Emergency Clinic: Fureai Kenkou-kan
2-16 Okinohama Higashi, Tokushima-shi
TEL 088-622-3576

Traffic Accidents, Crimes (Dial 110)

  1. Dial 110
  2. Provide your operator with following information:
    ・ Tell the operator “Thief (Dorobou-desu)” or “Accident (Jiko-desu)”
    ・ Explain “When”, “Where” and “What” happened
    ・ Tell your name

What to do in an Earthquake

When an earthquake occurs, please be sure to stay calm and hide yourself in a secured place.
Please read following items and prepare for an earthquake.

  1. Turn off the stove and close the gas bulb
  2. Hide yourself under a table/desk and keep distance from tall furniture
  3. Open the door and secure the exit
  4. When you go outside, be sure to wear shoes
  5. If your house/apartment is close to a sea shore, move to higher land immediately.
    * Tsunami can reach you much faster than you imagine.
  6. If you are driving a car, stop the car and leave there immediately. When you leave your car, stop the engine and leave the key in the car.

Protection from Earthquake Disaster

  1. Bolting Big Pieces of Furniture to the Wall
  2. Check the nearest evacuation areas to your house/apartment.

* On-campus evacuation area
・ Jousanjima Campus: TU gym
・ Kuramoto Campus: Athletic field

  1. Others
    A. Emergency Foods (Hardtack, Drinking Water (about 10 litters), Canned Foods, etc)
    B. Money and other important items (Cash, National Health Insurance Certificate, ID cards, Inkan, etc)
    C. Others (Paper Diapers, Flashlight, Portable Radio, Basic Medications, etc)* Following items are also useful for your survival after an earthquake:
    ・ Toilet Paper, Wet Napkin, Disposable Paperware
    ・ Plastic Bag, Plastic Wrap, Big Plastic Bag