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At the present time, development of operations at the International Center is focused in the International Exchange Support Division, the Japanese Language Education Division, International Cooperation Division and Study Abroad Promotion Division.

International Exchange Support Division
This division supports university-wide international programs and projects and carries out its own international exchange projects. The main tasks of the division are to :
・Provide support for concluding academic agreements with foreign universities
・Recruit international students and establish alumni associations abroad
・Support pre-arrival admission for international students about their academic life
and job hunting
・Organize international projects, including the international Center Summer School

Japanese Language Education Division
This division deals with Japanese language and culture education for international students. The main tasks of the division are to :
・Provide Japanese language classes for all levels of students, including the 6 month
intensive course for beginners and special entry program for pre-arrival students
・Teach  classes for multi-cultural understanding and for Japanese language teaching
・Support globalization and Japanese language education in Tokushima, etc.

Internationl Cooperation Division
This division carries out international cooperation for industrializing countries, collaborating with other faculties in the university. The division also helps students learn about international affairs through international cooperation activities.

Study Abroad Promotion Division
This division promotes study abroad and enhances education related to globalization.
The main tasks of the division are to :
・Provide pre-departure guidance and a post-program reflaction session for students
attending the study abroad programs
・Develop and manage study abroad programs
・Develop crisis management systems for out-bound students, etc.

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